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- The Value of Actions -

Which actions create value?

This basic question is a constant concern for any management: When setting budgets, when tracking the performance in balanced scorecards, when considering a merger or an acquisition, when determining the message to send to the financial markets.

The question appears in many different formats but with the same fundamental challenge: to correctly predict how people will change their behaviour because of a certain action. For example, you may want to estimate how much an action would make:

Customers buy more
Customers pay more

become customers

Costs go down without
jeopardising revenue

Anders Magnusson, Managing Partner. FORMAL EDUCATION: Graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics in 1971. Italian, French and Spanish from the University of Stockholm. BUSINESS EXPERIENCE: Business controller in global trading company. Strategy consultant at McKinsey. Finance director for multinational tissue company. CEO for software subsidiary of US computer company. Partner in international consulting firm specialising in Customer Satisfaction

Employees work harder
Employees serve customers better

Investors pay more for
shares in the company
Investors invest more in the company

Anders Magnusson
Managing Partner
ValueMetrix AB

ValueMetrix has developed methods and tools that reliably answer these questions. We combine surveys, facts and econometrics to estimate how an action affects the revenue and then we match this against the associated costs. We define and measure the metrics that best guide a company towards financial success. Our software allows us to quickly do the econometric analysis and share comprehensive overviews, detailed reports and selected quality measures with our clients.

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